Landsborough landing in glór this January

Landsborough landing in glór this January


Charlie Landsborough

Charlie Landsborough is well known for keeping concert goers enthralled with his heartfelt and telling lyrics and his very human anecdotes which he takes to the glór stage this January.

Landsborough is a performer who is difficult to categorise, sometimes folk, sometimes country, sometimes rock ‘n’ roll, sometimes gospel.

His own personal song writing blends easy on the ear and is always inspirational; his strong and often personal lyric content mixed with his wit and repartee has led to a winning formula which has earned him admiration from fellow professionals and fans alike. Charlie is a prolific songwriter inspiring such names as Jack Jones, Pat Boone, Foster and Allen, George Hamilton IV, Daniel O’Donnell and others to cover his songs.

He eventually achieved recognition after struggling for nearly three decades and continuing to write and perform whilst working as a teacher. Since 1995 Charlie has toured the UK and Ireland twice a year, building up a large following for his live work. He has performed at most major concert halls and theatres and has received rave reviews for his shows.

Charlie has won just about every award possible in the UK country scene including Best Songwriter, Best Song, Best Male Vocalist, Best Album and International Country Album of the year. He has also received a nomination as Best Global Country Artist in the Country Music Association Awards in Nashville. Many of his albums have topped the country charts and he has sold well over a million albums.

One song in particular was to transform his life. Charlie wrote What Colour is the Wind, which tells the story of a young blind child’s attempts to envision the world. The song came to the notice of chat show host Pat Kenny in Dublin, who invited Charlie to perform on Kenny Live show in 1995. The programme received its biggest ever response following Charlie’s appearance, and a week later his album, also called What Colour is the Wind was suddenly at number one in the Irish charts, removing Garth Brooks from the top spot and fighting off fierce competition from Celine Dion and The Chieftains.

This was a dream come true for Charlie and since then he has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the all-time biggest selling country artists in Irish music.

Tickets for Charlie Landsborough are now on sale at glór box office on 065 6843103.