Over 100 people attend anti-Trump protest

Over 100 people attend anti-Trump protest


Edward Horgan (left) and John Lannon addressing the protest – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2017

Over 120 people turned out at Shannon Airport this evening to show their opposition to US President Donald Trump controversial travel ban.

The event was organised in protest at US President Donald Trump’s signing of an executive order last week which effectively banned citizens of seven named Muslim-majority countries from travelling to the United States.

The ban affects any person with passports from one these countries who was also boarding a flight to the US from one of the named countries.

Protestor carried posters, flags and banners including one that said “Trump Out” and another saying “Refugees Welcome.”

Gardaí and Airport Police officers at the protest – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2017

Security was stepped up ahead of the protest with Gardaí taking up posts at the entrance to the airport from as early as 4.30pm. Airport Police officers also erected security lighting close to where the protest was held while also patrolling the airport perimeter.

A second cordon with barriers was set up another 100 metres along the airport road to ensure no protestors attempted to reach the terminal building. Organisers had hoped to be allowed up to the terminal and hand a letter into airport management however no agreement could be reached on this.

The protestors were allowed march as far as the second cordon where a letter of protest was handed to a member of the airport management team.

The main access road to the airport was closed in both directions for over 30 minutes during the protest.