Kilkee kayak search false alarm

Kilkee kayak search false alarm


A Kilkee Coast Guard 4×4 sets off on a search of the coast – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2017

A search operation was mounted this morning following reports of an empty kayak being spotted in the sea off Co Clare.

The alarm was raised at around 9.30am when a member of the public reported seeing a kayak off the Diamond Rocks near Kilkee.

The Irish Coast Guard marine rescue sub centre at Valentia in Kerry initiated a search and requested the Kilkee unit to mobilise.

Kilkee Coast Guard volunteers set out in three teams and drove the coast road south from Kilkee in an effort to locate the kayak.

The Shannon based search and rescue helicopter was also requested to carry out a search of the area.

Irish Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 115 – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2017

While land teams scanned the sea from the vantage point of the cliff tops, Rescue 115 carried out a sweep of the sea from Kilkee to Loop Head.

At around 1.30pm, the helicopter crew located the kayakers off the Bridges of Ross and confirmed they were not in difficulty and required no assistance. They had set off from Kilkee about 30 minutes before the alarm was raised.

As a precaution, a further sweep of the sea from Loop Head north to Kilkee was carried to ensure there was no other kayak in the water.

The search was stood down at around 1.30pm and is being treated as a false alarm with good intent.