Irish Community Air Ambulance seeks support

Irish Community Air Ambulance seeks support


Irish Community Air Ambulance personnel visited Ennis earlier this year – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2017

The Irish Community Air Ambulance has launched a social media awareness campaign, with an aim to getting the service ‘off the ground’.

All people need to do is post a picture/selfie with their Best Friend Forever (BFF) on their social media platform, nominate 5 friends and ask them to do the same, and most importantly text FLIGHT to 50300 to donate €4 to the Irish Community Air Ambulance and tag #ICAABFF #AirAmbulance. 

The Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) helicopter is staffed by a team of highly qualified medical personnel, who can be on site in the fastest time possible providing life-saving treatment to those who are seriously ill or injured.  It is an undisputed fact that in the aftermath of a major incident or accident timing is key and that outcomes are greatest when treatment can begin within the first hour, the “golden hour.” 

The Irish Community Air Ambulance service, which will be based out of Cork Airport, will mirror successful models across the UK and continental Europe where geographically challenging terrain warrants an air ambulance. It is hoped that €1million can be raised to launch the service in 2017. Irish Community Air Ambulance will complement the existing emergency services and the current Athlone based Emergency Aeromedical Service (Medevac 112) operated by the National Ambulance Service in partnership with the Irish Air Corps.

Irish Community Air Ambulance will complement the work of the HSE/Air Corps air ambulance – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2016

It has been proven that early access to world class critical care and pre hospital emergency medicine administered by trained, experienced and equipped medical personnel can save lives. The air ambulance service will offer gold standard care commencing at the roadside, on the farm, at home, the workplace or the pitch and continuing while en-route to definitive care in hospital.

John Kearney, co-founder of ICAA said “It will offer a mobile care unit by air which will allow us to safely and quickly treat and transport patients to a major hospital, saving time and lives. This is a service for everyone and we need the support of the people to donate, to fundraise or to volunteer for us.

We need to raise €1 million to take off and €2 million every year thereafter which is a huge ask but in our view is absolutely achievable.  The people of Ireland have sustained our land based Irish Community Rapid Response doctors and now we’re calling on the people in Ireland to support this new life saving initiative.”

“This is a much needed and necessary service that will impact all those of us who live, work and travel in our daily lives as well as visitors who holiday in Ireland but it can only succeed with the support of every member of the community. Please donate by visiting our website ( and by supporting this BFF Selfie campaign,” he said.

John added: “If you’d like to help us lift off please text FLIGHT to 50300 and donate €4 to the Irish Community Air Ambulance and post a picture of you and your best friend online, while nominating 5 others”.