Award-winning documentary returns to glór

Award-winning documentary returns to glór



Due to the huge interest in this wonderful documentary, glór will host an extra screening of the Silver Branch, on Sunday afternoon at 3pm, December 2nd. 


A scene from The Silver Branch by Katrina Costello.

The award-winning documentary, The Silver Branch, by Clare based director Katrina Costello comes to glór this Saturday.

The Silver Branch, which scooped yet another award last weekend, is a cinematic eulogy to nature, landscape and agrarian culture, which invites the viewer to follow in a hypnotic journey into the self.

Katrina has just returned from Austria where she collect the winner’s prize at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival.

Katrina speaking after her win in Innsbruck last weekend

The documentary is an uplifting and emotional celebration of people and place, which captures the delicacy of the natural world; the heart and soul of a peasant farmer-poet, Patrick McCormack; and the ancient rural spirit of Ireland which stands behind him. The Story is centred around Patrick and the land, The Burren, Western Ireland.

We are hosting two screening of the award winning documentary The Silver Branch in Clare on Sunday 20th in Kinvara Community Hall at 6pm and Thursday 24th in Hotel Doolin at 8PM The Silver Branch is a bittersweet evocation of the end of an era; Depicting the life of farmer/poet, Patrick McCormack, who's deeply entwined with ancestral traditions and the natural world. Patrick must stand up for all that is sacred to him when the government threatens his way of life. This cinematic eulogy to nature, landscape and culture, invites the viewer to follow in a hypnotic journey into the self.

Posted by The Silver Branch on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

When it screened in glór earlier this year, over 500 people turned up – the largest crowd ever to attend an event in glór. When it screened in Ennistymon on Culture night people queued for an hour before starting and many were turned away.

Katrina’s production returns to glór on October 20th and Clare audiences can also catch a viewing in Limerick.

Internationally the film is doing very well with packed screenings, standing ovations, laughter and tears. This month it is screening throughout Ireland, and also in Austria, Australia, Rocky Mountains, Nova Scotia, Canada, Washington and UK and more

Local Viewings:

Glór, Ennis – Saturday Oct 20th at 8pm
Belltable, Limerick – Monday Oct 22nd
St. John’s, Listowel – Tuesday Oct 23rd at 8pm
Siamsa Tíre, Tralee – Wednesday Oct 24th at 8pm
Triskel Arts Centre, Cork – Monday Nov 26th for 3 nights


This multi-award-winning IFTA film ‘The Silver Branch’ depicts the life and insights of the inimitable philosopher, poet, and fifth-generation farmer, Patrick McCormack, owner of ‘Fr Ted’s House’ in the beautiful, austere Burren, Western Ireland.

Through Patrick’s eyes and pastoral verse, this beautifully shot film immerses us in the exquisite textures of the natural world, bringing us a rare glimpse of a disappearing way of life with all its richness and roguery, and leading to a deep connection with the Earth and our ancestral wild spirit.

Patrick longs to farm in the quite pace his ascendants did, to be free and to live in harmony with the landscape: The landscape\nature itself is our heroine: – beautiful, strong, wild, yet nurturing and all giving, but she needs protection from the cold front of capitalism and government sell outs.

Patrick is the perfect hero, a rugged Burren man with a vision and is willing to risk all when he’s called to Battle in the Supreme courts to decide on the fate of this iconic wilderness.

Though it is centred around this remarkable man and his search for ‘unity of being’, it explores more universal themes:

It is a story of life, love, family, grief, of commitment and of the struggles of modern day life, which invites the viewer to follow in mindful meditation, to take a journey into the self and exam the relationship between man and landscape, between tradition and spirit, between body and soul.

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