Woman rescued from gas-filled house

Woman rescued from gas-filled house


Emergency services at the scene last night.

A woman was rescued from a gas-filled house in Co Clare by firefighters late on Sunday night.

It’s understood that a caller to the house raised the alarm at around 11.00pm when she arrived at the property at Green View, Cappahard in Ennis and was unable to gain entry. Concerned for the occupant, she notified Gardaí.

One arrival, Gardaí had to force entry by the back door but had to retreat after when they were met with the overpowering smell of gas. Gardaí immediately requested assistance from the fire service and notified the ambulance service.

Two ambulances arrived at the scene within minutes and one quick-thinking paramedic turned off the gas supply at the meter while they waited for the fire service.

Two units of the fire brigade from Ennis raced to the scene with two firefighters, already wearing special breathing apparatus, quickly entering the house on arrival. Inside they located a woman lying semi-conscious on a couch.

Emergency services reached the scene within minutes.

Firefighters carried her to safety while other crew members evacuated an adjacent property in case gas had leaked next door. When the leak was confirmed to have been confined to just one semi-detached property, there was no need to evacuate any properties.

Ambulances paramedics assessed and treated the woman at the scene however she did not require hospitalisation.

Fire crews opened windows throughout the house and used a specialised fan to help ventilate the property. ESB engineers were also called to the scene to switch off the electricity and make the house safe.

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