Wild Atlantic Inspiration at Cultúrlann Sweeney Gallery

Wild Atlantic Inspiration at Cultúrlann Sweeney Gallery


Flying Harry by Kim Thittachi

Loop Head-based artist Kim Thittichai will exhibit her Atlantic-inspired works in a new exhibition at Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee, from 2 September to 23 September.

“Wild Atlantic Inspiration”, which is being supported by the Clare County Council Arts Office and which will be launched at 6.00pm on 4 September, is the latest exhibition by the Brighton native who is a textile artist, international tutor and author of four books.

Kim moved to Fodra on Loop Head from Brighton on the English south coast in November 2016 looking for a change of pace.

Kim says, “The rock pools of Ross Bay are an endless delight. The layer upon layer of texture and colour of the seaweeds are a never-ending inspiration. I have always taken photographs for creative reference and teaching aids for composition. The stunning local natural landscape of the cliffs and fields and local buildings all inspire me in my work and photography.”

Kim’s latest flight of fancy is to create a range of work based on the hares that run around and play in the yard out side her house. There is one, larger hare, that has been christened ‘Harry’.  He is subject of her latest body of work. Harry is a whimsical, rather magical, character.

Sonas Studio is where Kim works, next to her house at Fodra, between the Bridges of Ross and Loop Head Lighthouse. There are regular Open Studio weekends while there will be several workshops at Sonas Studio to choose from next year. For more see www.kimthittichai.com.