Red Cross installs defibrillator in Ennistymon

Red Cross installs defibrillator in Ennistymon


Senator Martin Conway; Ann-Marie Fleming – Unit Officer, North Clare Red Cross; Garda Deirdre Scanlan – Community Garda, Ennistymon and Raymond O’Loughlin – Vice-Chair, North Clare Red Cross

The Irish Red Cross, North Clare branch, has installed a life-saving defibrillator in Ennistymon which will be available for use in the event of a cardiac emergency.

The voluntary organisation has mounted the public-access AED in a highly visible location on the town’s main street. An AED (automated external defibrillator) is used to restart a person’s heart in cases where the victim is suffering from cardiac arrest.

In 2018 there were 2,442 cases of cardiac arrest outside the hospital setting, 81% of these people were given CPR by members of the public, but only 22% of them received a shock from an AED. Studies have shown the most effective treatment for a cardiac arrest is good quality CPR and early use of an AED.

Area Director of Units (ADU) of the Irish Red Cross in Clare, Ken Butler said: “The North Clare branch of the Irish Red Cross was willed a sum of money by a local man, to be used to help that community and this is one of the projects we are undertaking with this generous endowment. This is to allow the community to help itself in times of need.”

“The aim of this project is to help save lives in the community and the availability of an AED can be a lifesaver for someone. The AED is housed in a secure heated case on the Main Street, on the front of Foodies Korner, formally Conway’s shop. We would also like to thank Senator. Martin Conway for allowing the unit to be mounted on the property. The unit is heated to ensure the conductive gel on the pads and the battery both remain in the best condition,” Mr Butler added.

The access code for the case can be obtained if needed by ringing the 999 or 112 and asking for the National Ambulance Service and giving  the Eircode of the box which also displayed on the front of  the unit. The code is also available by contacting Ennistymon or Kilrush Garda stations. This has the benefit of the AED being kept safe and ensuring the activation of the emergency services to the incident.

Ken Butler added: “The Irish Red Cross will hopefully, later in the year, begin offering courses to the community to train persons to preform CPR and use and AED. In the meantime people should not be worried about using the AED if needed as the ambulance call taker will talk the person through preforming CPR and instruct them in the use of the AED.”

For further information please contact the local unit officer at

To find out more about the Ennistymon Defibrillator Group, check out their Facebook page.