Killaloe Coast Guard respond to lake callout

Killaloe Coast Guard respond to lake callout



A land team was sent to meet the boat crews at Two Mile Gate – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2019

The Killaloe unit of the Irish Coast Guard was tasked to assist two people in difficulty Lough Derg this afternoon. It was the team’s third callout in less than a week.

The volunteer team was alerted at around 1.35pm by watch officers at the Coast Guard’s marine rescue sub centre on Valentia Island in Kerry. They had received a report that a Jetski with two persons on board had suffered engine difficulty two miles north of Killaloe.

The jetski had drifted into shallow water north of Ballyvally on the Clare shore of the lake. On arrival at the scene, two persons were taken on board the Coast Guard rescue boat while the jetski was taken on tow to the slipway at Two Mile Gate.

A Coast Guard response vehicle was waiting at Two Mile Gate to transport the owner of the jetski back to Ballina slipway to collect his trailer and remove the jetski from the water. Neither person on the jetski was injured.

Yesterday, Killaloe Coast Guard was tasked to a vessel broken down north of Killaloe. There were found people on board. On reaching the location, the Coast Guard found that the casualty vessel had been assisted by a passing fishing boat.

Last Monday, Killaloe Coast Guard unit responded to a sail boat with engine difficulty north of Killaloe Bridge.

Within five minutes the crew had reached the casualty vessel. A crew member was transferred the vessel and a tow line was set up. The vessel was then taken on tow and safety moored to the pontoon on the Clare shore.