IAA’s Aireon service awarded Global Safety Achievement Award

IAA’s Aireon service awarded Global Safety Achievement Award


Aireon CEO Don Thoma and Peter Kearney, CEO of the IAA at the launch of Aireon at Ballygirreen in 2019 – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2019

The Irish Aviation Authority’s Aireon ALERT® service has been awarded the CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award 2020 (GASS) for its significant contribution to reducing aviation risk in the past 12 months. The award recognises excellence in air traffic management (ATM) safety.

Mr. Peter Kearney, Chief Executive IAA said that it was an honour to receive this significant award from the air traffic management industry on behalf of the IAA and Aireon.

“Safety is the priority in everything we do. The IAA ATM Service Provider has always been at the forefront of air navigation service innovation, and we invest in technology and skills to improve the safety and efficiency of aviation. Aireon ALERT provides a unique safety service to the global aviation industry, saving livings and assisting in search and rescue.”

“This award is a timely boost to the IAA, in recognition of the essential air navigation services that we continue to provide despite the current health crisis.  As the IAA moves to restructure in the coming months, in line with Government policy, it is this type of global-leading innovation that will help to lead Irish aviation out of this crisis.”

IAA CEO Peter Kearney speaking the launch of Aireon ALERT in 2019 – Photo: © Pat Flynn

Mr. Kearney continued, “Despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, the IAA and air navigation service providers throughout the world must continue to prioritise investment in global leading innovation and technology and this must be supported by all key stakeholders, for the benefit and safety of passengers. In accepting this award on behalf of the IAA, I am reflecting the embedded safety culture across our Company and the benefits this brings to passengers and the wider aviation sector.”

Ms. Rose Hynes, Chairman of the IAA said “Winning this global award for excellence in air traffic management is a great achievement and I am very proud of and congratulate the IAA team both in Ballygirreen, Co. Clare where Aireon Alert is based and at each of our locations across the country. The IAA has long been recognised as a leader in the provision of safe and efficient air navigation services and we will continue to work with our stakeholders and customers to deliver a safe, agile and high-quality service in the years to come.”

IAA chairman Ms. Rose Hynes – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2017

Mr. Don Thoma, CEO of Aireon said “When we launched the Aireon system, we had this wealth of data that could be incredibly important in an emergency. We wanted to establish an easy and robust tool for the industry to access that information and hopefully help save lives.  The IAA ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider) has worked around the clock to ensure that Aireon ALERT met the accessible standards for search and rescue. We thank CANSO and the member community for this award and recognize the IAA for their dedication and round-the-clock service to the industry. This would have not been possible without their partnership.”

Osman Saafan, CANSO Safety Standing Committee Chair said: ”Safety is aviation’s number one priority and it is important that despite these difficult times, we recognise those in the community who are exploring innovative solutions and optimising technology to keep our skies and airspace users safe.”

“I offer my congratulations to IAA, for winning the CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award 2020. The IAA ANSP team have achieved a truly pioneering feat in aviation safety, turning all-new Aireon data into critical information for search and rescue services that is literally saving lives. Thank you very much for your important work and the example that you give us all as we reflect on a challenging but pioneering time for our industry.

This year the CANSO Global ATM Safety award recognises not only the ingenuity of IAA but also the importance of its partnership with Aireon.