Enjoying the sites of Clare on an equal basis

Enjoying the sites of Clare on an equal basis


Clare Leader Forum in partnership with Clare Public Participation Network are launching two surveys among people with disabilities this month.

They will be all sent out under a Monkey Survey and will be sending it via email and social media.

“We want to hear how to improve choice for people with disabilities when visiting destinations in the County and bring this information to stakeholders in the Tourism sector.

The second survey is to gather important information on the how disabled people experiences and benchmark our experience of independence in relation to Ireland’s independence in the past 100 years. CLF want to establish how people can get the best out of life,” a spokesperson said.

Both surveys are targeted at a population of 13.5% in Clare who according to the CSO state in 2016 have a disability. This is a sizable chunk of the population.

We are launching the surveys on Friday May 8th and will give 4 weeks to get have surveys returned, ending on June 5th.

We asking all people of all impairments of all ages to please fill out this survey and if people need a hand, they can email us or use social media to contact us.

Email: clareleaderfourm@gmail.com or admin@ppn.ie