Ennis to Shine a Light on Suicide Prevention

Ennis to Shine a Light on Suicide Prevention


The community of Ennis have come together with The Haven Hub in Limerick to set up their own Haven Hub Suicide Prevention Organisation, after its launch will be celebrated by the Light the Night Event on Friday 8th October.

The new crisis centre will give peer support to anybody that is struggling with low mood or at risk of hurting themselves late at night.

The founder of The Haven Hub in Limerick Leona O’Callaghan said: “Suicide has affected so many people in both Limerick and Clare. The most tragic part about that is how preventable suicide is. If experts alone could prevent suicide then we would not have an epidemic. In reality what people need in their darkest moments is connection, someone to hold hope for them when they have lost it for themselves.

Someone to help them stay safe when they can no longer do that for themselves. We are delighted that Ennis Town will now have its own Haven Hub that will provide that compassion and support late at night which is the peak time for Suicide. The new team are some of the most awesome people I have met”.

Ennis woman Tina Whelan reached out to Leona for help in bringing the Haven Hub to Ennis. Tina said: “I saw the idea of the Haven Hub Limerick when I needed to engage with their services for a family friend. I had to approach Limerick as there wasn’t any such service in Ennis.

We have a mental health crisis and the more services the better, it is appalling to think a person cannot get the help they need when in crisis.We will provide a compassionate, non-judgemental service where a person can come in to see us, have a cup of tea and a chat. All our volunteers will be trained in suicide prevention”.

This year, there will be an event to launch the opening of the Haven Hub, where members of the public can purchase lanterns for a Light The Night event at 8pm to remember loved ones who have passed or those who have lost their lives to suicide. The lighting lanterns (bio-degradable) will be launched into the river at 7.30pm at Sandfield and will finish at Steeles Rock. Clare Civil Defence and Ennis Sub Aqua Club will be on hand with safety equipment.

One volunteer that helps with the administration side in the Haven Hub states “The 8th of October celebrations is timed 2 days before World Mental Health Day. At the Light The Night event, we will remember them with messages of hope to whom we have lost and send them light and love. Later that evening, we will cut the ribbon at the new Ennis Haven Hub premises, and offer a message of hope to those that are still battling thoughts of suicide. Many of our volunteers have come out the other end of mental health difficulties and know that recovery is possible.

The Haven Hub in Limerick has had over 240 interventions in the past 18 months, if our efforts help one person in Ennis it will all be worthwhile”.

The Haven Hub in Ennis will be based in the Clare Public Participation Building, at the back of the Adult Education Centre in the Clonroad Business Park, and will open its doors to service users on the 16th Oct. Along with opening the crisis centre The Haven Hub will also expand their services offering a number of wellness courses to the public. These include Wellness Recovery, Mental Health First Aid Emotion Regulation and Distress Tolerance Skills and Suicide Prevention Training. For the Night The Light Event a lantern can be purchased in Cootes Shop and Bakery on the Kilrush Road, or Sweet Dreams Café in the Friary Car Park for The Light The Night Event which will kick off at 7.30pm and can be viewed along the walls of the river in the Parnell Street and Abbey Street Car Park, Post Office Bridge, Rowan Tree Bridge and the Club Bridge and down by Steeles Rock. All are welcome to attend.

To donate visit https://gofund.me/f4e14ae6

To volunteer with admin, fundraising, social media or peer support, click volunteer with us on our webpage www.HavenHub.ie.