Kelly elected Vice-chair of EU-UK Parliamentary Assembly

Kelly elected Vice-chair of EU-UK Parliamentary Assembly


Ireland South MEP Seán Kelly has been elected as First Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s new standing delegation to the EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly.

Speaking from Brussels Seán Kelly said he was “honoured” to take up the position on the delegation which will play a vital role in encouraging constructive dialogue between the EU and UK post-Brexit.

“I look forward to taking up a leading role as First Vice-Chair of European Parliament’s delegation to the Assembly. It was established following the entry into force of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), struck between the European Commission and the UK government last year. Moving forward from Brexit, this delegation offers the EU a strong voice, which will be vital in shaping the implementation of the EU-UK TCA and the Northern Ireland Protocol”, Kelly said.

“The newly formed Parliamentary Partnership Assembly will be a valuable forum for mutually beneficial dialogue with our UK neighbours.”

“Brexit has fundamentally changed the relationship between the EU and the UK, and while there are existing structures of communication, this Assembly stands alone in providing a platform for parliamentarians to discuss high level political issues that will be fundamental to a positive relationship”, the Fine Gael MEP added.

“This Assembly deserves to be prioritised as a means of transforming the EU’s admittedly frayed relations with the UK, but this will not happen automatically. I urge both the UK government and the MPs nominated to the Assembly to reflect on the positive opportunity such dialogue presents.”

Seán Kelly is the lead MEP for UK trade matters in the European Parliament and chair of the UK Monitoring Group.