Five rescued from grounded cruiser on lake

Five rescued from grounded cruiser on lake


Coast Guard volunteers responded by water and road – File Photo

Killaloe Coast Guard unit was called out this afternoon to assist five people on board a cruiser that was reported hard aground on Lough Derg.

At 1:30pm volunteers were tasked by watch officers at the Irish Coast Guard’s marine rescue sub centre on Valentia Island in Kerry to the incident in Tinarana Bay on the Clare shore.

Wind conditions at the time were southerly Force 3/4 with heavy hail showers making the rescue operation very challenging.

On reaching the scene, a crew member was transferred to the casualty vessel where everyone on board was found to be safe and well and wearing life jackets. After an assessment of the vessel and the area around it, it was decided the safest option was to extract the occupants from the boat and bring them to safety.

A Coast Guard shore team responded from Killaloe and travelled to Two Mile Gate where the Rescue boat was able to transfer the five occupants to the waiting volunteers. Arrangements were made for the five people to be collected in Killaloe.

The vessel was made safe and the owner contacted. Efforts will be made to recover the vessel later today when weather conditions improve.

This was Killaloe Coast Guard’s third call-out in five days.

If you see someone in difficulty in or near water, please call 112/999 and ask for the Coast Guard .