Grave concern at raw sewage being pumped into sea

Grave concern at raw sewage being pumped into sea


Concern has been once again expressed that untreated raw sewage continues to be pumped into the sea and local rivers in North Clare.

Irish Water has been accused of inaction that is affecting the health of people in the area.

Denis Vaughan, Chair North Clare Labour Party said: “While we celebrate the acknowledgement of a lack of sewage infrastructure in Doolin, Ennistymon and Lahinch and Clare County Council’s decision to reject planning permission for 28 luxury houses at Station Road, Lahinch, we remain appalled that the Council/Irish Water are content to ignore the underlying problem.

Untreated raw sewage is pouring into the Atlantic and rivers North Clare. This is Clare Irish Water and Clare County Council’s responsibility. They have the power to stop this now.”

“Their inaction results in hundreds maybe thousands of locals and holiday makers suffering illness including gastrointestinal complaints. We know this as confirmation was provided by a local pharmacist in an objection.

For goodness sakes, what does it take to get them moving? The Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed the presence of untreated sewage in the sea at Lahinch. Swimmers there have developed E-coli!. It has gotten so bad that “Do not swim” notices are regularly posted at the resort. This isn’t news and they know it, Mr Vaughan said.

“We ask the Council/Irish Water to consider that their inaction in this matter may well be responsible for rising cancer cases in the county. Action now will save lives and save our tourist industry. We call on our elected representatives, the Clare County Council, to Irish Water to immediately allocate the funds required to upgrade the local effluent treatment and water system. Ignoring this scandal is not the solution,” he added.