Gardaí issue warning to jet ski users

Gardaí issue warning to jet ski users


Gardaí have warned that anyone who operates a jet ski in an irresponsible manner that officers have the power of arrest and can seize jet skis.

Issues continue to arise particularly on the River Shannon and Lough Derg in the vicinity of Killaloe and Ballina with Gardaí and the Irish Coast Guard regularly receiving complaints from members of the public.

Crime Prevention Officer for Clare Sergeant Triona Brooks said: “There have been a number of incidents in Killaloe of jet skis being operated at excessive speeds – up to 60 kms an hour near Killaloe Bridge where the speed limit is about 5kms an hour and also reports of  jet ski operators doing ‘doughnuts’. Under the Maritime Safety Act Gardaí have the power to seize a vessel if it is deemed appropriate action.”

“Gardaí can require a person operating a craft or remove it from waters in certain circumstances, to stop, board and inspect craft and also have powers of arrest and forfeiture. We would ask people using the lake to be respectful of others and obey the relevant speed limits, be safe and never take risks on the water,” Sgt Brooks warned.