Shannon Venue site transferred to Council

Shannon Venue site transferred to Council


The Directors of The Shannon Venue Ltd have confirmed that they have facilitated the transfer of their Town Centre site to Clare County Council.

The sale has been completed to enable the council to develop the One Shannon Hub, an iconic, multi-functional civic & community facility in the heart of Shannon Town Centre.

The contract for the site transfer includes detailed milestones towards a completion date in 2027.

Chair of the Shannon Venue, Derek Barrett, says the council will be able to achieve and exceed what they set out to do a decade ago.

An online statement read: “In essence, this facility is exactly what the Venue team set out to deliver on their site and they believe it is a fantastic opportunity for the town and its people. The Venue concept started in 2012. While it has taken 10 years to get to this stage, the plans for the One Shannon Hub exceed the team’s expectations.

The total area will be almost twice the size of the original concept and will accommodate even more services and facilities. Most importantly, the County Council has taken ownership and is now driving the design, funding and delivery of the project.”

The Venue team realises that a plan will remain a plan, until foundations are made, bricks are laid and the facility becomes operational. However, in acquiring the Venue site, Clare County Council has shown real intent to deliver the town and community facilities set out in the recently approved Shannon Town Masterplan. This is reinforced by their work to date on the brief and procurement process for the design of the One Shannon Hub.

Once delivered, it will improve Shannon dramatically, kick-start the regeneration of the town centre and its attractions and provide a civic, community and creative hub for people living and working in the town. It will also provide reasons to visit and stay and provide meeting, conference and other facilities for business.”

The spokesperson added: “We expect the significant progress that has already been made on the One Shannon Hub to continue at a pace. We trust that the project will receive the political support it needs at local and national level.

The Shannon Venue Limited Directors will now instruct their financial and legal advisors to wind down the company. Once the liabilities have been settled, any remaining funds will be returned on a pro-rata basis to the donors who supported the Venue through the concept, design and planning stages.”

The Venue team can’t thank them enough for their unwavering support and encouragement over the last 10 years. Thanks in particular to Mick Guinee of Ei Electronics and Paddy Purcell who have been with us in mind, body and spirit every step of the way. We also appreciate the cooperation of Shannon Commercial Properties and the support of the Shannon community who encouraged us from the beginning and willed us on over the years.

The One Shannon Hub has been a decade or more in the making but when delivered will be worth the wait.”

A Clare County Council spokesman said: “The Council has acquired a 99-year leasehold interest in this strategic site in the centre of Shannon Town, which will be developed for a multi-function civic, cultural and community hub by Clare County Council in line with the adopted Shannon Town Masterplan.

The leasehold interest is completely sufficient for Clare County Council to carry out this development, which will have a real and positive impact on Shannon Town and environs and its people for the future.

The Council has already embarked on the design process for the development.”