Two early morning diversions to Shannon

Air Berlin Airbus A330
File Photo: © Pat Flynn 2015

Updated: 5.05pm

Three people including a child are recovering in hospital after the flight on which they were travelling diverted to Shannon Airport early this morning.

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A second aircraft was also forced to divert to the midwest airport a short time later with a technical issue.

The first unscheduled landing involved Air Berlin flight AB-7409 which was travelling from the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao to Dusseldorf in Germany.

The flight was about 400 kilometres south west of Cork when the crew advised controllers they wished to divert to Shannon. The crew also requested priority landing after declaring a medical emergency.

The flight landed at 4.37am and was met at the terminal by ambulance paramedics. While it had originally been reported that one passenger had fallen ill, a second adult and a young child also complained of feeling sick after the flight landed.

Three ambulances were sent to the airport and all three patients were removed to University Hospital Limerick for treatment.

File Photo: © Pat Flynn 2017

A short time later the crew of an Austrian Airlines flight from Toronto to Vienna contacted controllers to report they had a technical issue they wished to have investigated.

Flight OS-72 was west of Donegal at around 5.00am when the crew confirmed they wished to divert to Shannon.

The flight rerouted to the mid-west airport but its understood the crew did not declare an emergency.

The flight landed safely at 5.32am and taxied to the terminal where engineers were waiting to investigate the matter.

The Air Berlin flight resumed its journey at 6.15am while Austrian Airlines flight 72 continued to Vienna about two hours after landing.

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