Ennis man called up for Polar expedition

World renowned explorer Jim McNeill has chosen Ennis writer and children’s entertainer Anthony Galvin to take part in one of the most important and ambitious polar expeditions of our time; to be the first ever to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility, collecting vital climate change data on route.

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Mr Galvin, 56, is a popular children’s entertainer from Ennis. He is known throughout the country as Tony Baloney, and has performed all over Europe, including several winters in Lapland. A former journalist, he has written a number of books, including Family Feud, about the Limerick gang wars.

Defined as the furthest point from land on the Arctic Ocean, and therefore its centre, the Northern Pole  of Inaccessibility remains the last truly significant place in the Polar Regions yet to be reached by  humankind and is over 270 miles further than the Geographic North Pole. The whole journey will be  nearly 1,300 kilometres from the northern shores of Canada.

The expedition is not only a record-setting adventure but will be gathering crucial data on the condition of the ocean for the NASA funded National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)  scientists, led by Nobel Prize winning scientist Walt Meier. These, along with weather data,  measurements of pollution and counting polar bears that may be encountered, deliver the reality of  climate change and make the whole endeavour worthwhile and purposeful.

Ennis man Anthony Galvin

Having been selected for the Ice Warrior #LASTPOLE Expedition Mr Galvin is undergoing an intensive training programme to take on one of four 20-day legs, pushing the route  across the Arctic Ocean.

Mr Galvin said: “Since my teens I have had an obsession with the Arctic, reading everything I could get my hands on, and even writing a book about the search for the pole myself. It is so exciting to finally get onto the frozen polar sea, and experience it first hand. And the scientific aspect of the trip is an added bonus.”

Explorer, expedition leader and Founder of Ice Warrior, Jim McNeill said: “I’m delighted to have Anthony in the expedition team and look forward to training him in every aspect which will  make him a competent polar traveller.”

Jim is looking for more highly motivated individuals who want to go way beyond their comfort zones  and push the boundaries of mental and physical endurance in a wholly worthy and justifiable cause. So  if you think you’re up for it, visit the website where there is a downloadable enrolment form.

Ice Warrior:

Since 2001 Ice Warrior has been encompassing all those gutsy, traditional aspects of pioneering that were present during  the days of the golden era of exploration but brings them into the 21st century.

  • It calls for participants – from all walks of life, all echelons of society.
  • It conducts crucial scientific work particularly focused on global climate change.
  • It applies leading-edge technologies to accomplish its aims.
  • It inspires people to grasp life and shows that anything is possible given the right attitude and training. ● It acts as an exemplar in all aspects of leadership and teamwork, honing performance and sustained delivery. ● And it tells the stories to its audiences around the globe using its media facilitators and partners to engage  others.

It is all about:

  • Developing the person
  • Discovering change
  • Delivering the stories

Ice Warrior is modern-day exploration using ordinary, everyday people to achieve extraordinary expeditionary feats. In this  modern age, our discoveries are about the reality of global climate change, changes to flora, fauna and topography and as  we experience and document these changes, we deliver them into the many homes, schools and businesses that follow the  project. In its’ 21-year history, Ice Warrior has trained over 450 people, conducted 7 major explorations and been cited in  most of the world’s major scientific publications. This will be the 8th major expedition.


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