Call to protect hospitals from Winter Twindemic

A senior UL Hospitals doctor who advises the COVID-19 vaccination effort in the region has urged anyone eligible to receive vaccine boosters to book their vaccination appointment and protect themselves against anticipated surges in COVID and Flu infections this Winter.

Dr Eithne Mulloy, a Respiratory Physician who is medical adviser to the Midwest COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, warned: “COVID-19 is still an ever-present threat. It hasn’t gone away. And it’s particularly important coming into the winter to get vaccinated.”

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Dr Mulloy was speaking as the HSE nationally targeted some 170,000 60-64-year-olds via phone text message, alerting them to their eligibility for a second COVID-19 booster, and reminding them to make their appointment via to receive the vaccine.

“People in this age group have been eligible for a second vaccine booster since August, and as we close in on Winter, it’s of critical importance that they protect themselves and others. The effects of COVID-19 can be serious, particularly for those with chronic health conditions,” she said.

Dr Mulloy said that while nationally there are increasing numbers of people being hospitalised due to COVID-19, numbers of patients requiring critical care for the disease were still relatively low because of the level of vaccination to date.

“However, the numbers are going up and they’re likely to go up further over the Autumn and into the Winter, and with the twindemic effect from the anticipated flu epidemic, hospitals could become overwhelmed,” she said.

“The reality is that over time, your resistance wanes, and the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes, and the virus keeps mutating, so we have to keep up with it,” Dr Mulloy added.

The HSE is urging those aged 60-64 years who have not come forward to date, to book an appointment. It must be at least four months since your last booster, or since you tested positive for COVID-19, or had COVID symptoms.

Dr Mulloy said the COVID vaccine message was just as important now as it was on Day One of the vaccination programme, and urged anyone, even those who have not yet received their initial Primary Dose, to protect themselves this Winter

Book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment –

– Dose 1 and Dose 2

– First Booster

– Second Booster

– Third Booster

Anyone who has concerns about receiving text messages related to vaccine appointments should contact HSELive on 1800-700-700. The HSE will never ask people for bank details or to pay for COVID-19 vaccination.

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