Retired Sergeant challenges over 65s to get active

DJ live-streaming a free online cardiac fitness taster class on

Recently retired Garda Sergeant DJ O’Dwyer, who was previously stationed in Ennistymon, has just launched a new innovative online membership service, providing social interaction combined with appropriate level fitness classes to those who want to regain their fitness safely in a fun and interactive environment.

He has also thrown down the gauntlet to the over 65’s nationwide to get more active starting from today.

- Advertisement - is designed for cardiac prevention and rehabilitation clients, the over 65’s community and those returning from injury or illness. Members of this unique social platform will achieve a better quality of life through increased fitness, improved muscle tone, expert advice, talks and some much-needed social interaction with their peers. All classes are live-streamed and interactive with members tuning in from all over the country and beyond.

The launch of the online platform coincides with DJ’s retirement from 30 years of service with An Garda Síochána where he served most recently as a Sergeant. DJ together with his wife Sarah and their expertly trained team have been running the Heartwise Clinic in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary since January 2013.

82-year-old Kathleen O’Dwyer from Co. Tipperary enjoying a free online taster class with – Photo: John D Kelly

Due to ongoing restrictions and the fact that many of their clients are high risk, the clinic has been closed since the 20th of December. Despite this, DJ has witnessed a massive increase in demand for some form of safe exercise from past clients, new clients and the many elderly people cocooning at home. provides members with specialist fitness and wellbeing classes, motivation and accountability beamed directly to their living rooms nationwide.

DJ O’Dwyer said: “I enjoyed every moment of my time working with An Garda Síochána and I was very fortunate to make some wonderful friends along the way. I have always believed in the importance of Heartwise and I’ve seen first-hand the real and lasting change we have helped our clients achieve to date. allows us to reach an even wider audience and to help even more people nationwide with their personal fitness and lifestyle goals which is very special indeed. If you or someone you love could benefit from joining the community, please visit for a free taster class and to find out more today.”

DJ is a qualified Medical Exercise Specialist with the British Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation, he also holds a Masters in Performance Coaching from Setanta College and is a National Council of Exercise and Fitness qualified Personal Trainer. is a much-welcomed initiative by the over 65’s in our society and an ideal membership for anyone who would like to improve their fitness levels at home while benefiting from the live and interactive class format and social interaction that naturally accompanies it. Members also enjoy access to expert talks on nutrition, cooking and lifestyle where they can enjoy an interactive questions and answers session providing them with expert advice and that all-important social contact that so many of us are missing at present. For a free taster class visit

About Heartwise is an online membership platform and an extension of the fitness classes previously offered at Heartwise Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Clinic to those who are in the over 65 age bracket also.

DJ O’Dwyer owner of Heartwise Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Clinic first opened the clinic in 2013 following a cardiac incident his Father Don Ó Dwyer suffered. On completion of Don’s rehabilitation programme in hospital, he was advised to continue to exercise appropriately however, he was unsure of how to do so independently and what level of physical exertion was safe. His son DJ and his wife Sarah naturally took a very keen interest in his recuperation and realised he was not alone in this predicament.

Following much study, research and years of experience, DJ qualified as a Medical Exercise Specialist with the British Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation he also holds a Masters in Performance Coaching from Setanta College and is a National Council of Exercise and Fitness qualified Personal Trainer.

With the pandemic forcing so many of the elderly in our communities to stay confined to their homes, many are reporting a lack of exercise and social interaction which used to be a regular feature in their weekly regime. addresses those issues and offers members regular access to live-streamed and interactive classes designed and delivered by a trained expert.

Membership is paid on a monthly subscription basis and classes are booked online through the LegitFit app incorporated into the website, offering a safe online payment capture facility to members and the benefit of flexibility when choosing which classes they wish to participate in each week.

Online classes include talks from different professionals that will help to improve the members’ quality of life. From talks on nutrition, wellness and how to remain safe at home to interactive cooking, physiotherapy led injury rehabilitation and an “answer your questions session”, there will be something for everyone providing expert knowledge, advice and much needed social interaction.

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