Sheila Lynch elected President Ennis Chamber

The Ennis Chamber AGM, held earlier this week at The Old Ground Hotel, saw Sheila Lynch, Partner, Cashin Clancy Solicitors elected President, to serve a one-year term with immediate effect. Sheila previously served as Vice President.

Maeve Sheridan, Director, Western Herd Brewing was elected Vice President.

It’s the first time that women have occupied both senior roles on the board, in the almost 100-year history of Ennis Chamber.

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The first and second female Presidents were also solicitors, namely Pamela Wall, elected President in 1999 – 2000 and Sharon Cahir 2004 – 2005 of Cahir Solicitors.

In more recent years, Michele Madden (2013-2014) of Madden Furniture, Jean McCabe (2016 -2017), Willow and Gwen Culligan (2019 -2020) County Boutique served as Presidents of Ennis Chamber.

In her acceptance address Sheila Lynch thanked her predecessor Colin Ryan for his solid performance as President, taking the helm as he did, as we emerged from Covid and immediately entered a cost of living and cost of business crisis, driven by the War in Ukraine.

Sheila Lynch commented, “Businesses have had to survive unprecedented challenges in recent years. There was barely time to draw breath before another crisis loomed. Over that period, a group of businesspeople have shown tremendous courage to step up, to take on the voluntary role of President of Ennis Chamber, supported by members of the Executive Board and staff at Ennis Chamber led by CEO Margaret O’Brien.  I am excited to follow in their footsteps.”

Sheila continued, “I look forward to my term as President. As well as overseeing the day-to-day running of Ennis Chamber, I will focus, together with Vice President Maeve Sheridan, a core sub-committee and Ennis Chamber CEO, on the preparation and delivery of a definitive 3-year Strategy for Ennis Chamber,  as we move towards celebrating our milestone 100th anniversary”.

Sheila Lynch, Partner, Cashin Clancy Solicitors, elected President Ennis Chamber, joined by Maeve Sheridan, Director, Western Herd Brewing, elected as Vice President at this week’s Ennis Chamber AGMl. Photo: Arthur Ellis.

Other officer roles decided on the night saw Louis Fay, Chief Executive Officer, St Francis Credit Union elected Treasurer, Louis replaces Tony Barrett of AIB, who served as Treasurer with Ennis Chamber for almost two decades.  Outgoing President Colin Ryan, in-coming President Sheila Lynch and Ennis Chamber CEO Margaret O’Brien all paid warm tribute to Tony Barrett’s tremendous dedication and remarkable display of volunteerism.

Ennis Chamber CEO, Margaret O’Brien was re-elected to the role of Company Secretary.

Warm tributes were also made on the night to Oliver Moylan RIP, who had been the longest serving board member of Ennis Chamber up to his sad passing last year.

Eimear Brophy, Further Education and Training Manager with Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board was a new appointment to the board.

The Executive Board of Ennis Chamber 2023/ 2024 comprises:

Sheila Lynch – President

Maeve Sheridan – Vice President

Louis Fay – Treasurer

Margaret O’Brien – Company Secretary

Colin Ryan – Ex-officio President

Darragh McAllister – Director

Allen Flynn – Director

Gwen Culligan – Director

Diarmuid McMahon – Director

Michele Madden – Executive Board Member

Siobhan Bermingham – Executive Board Member

Dr. Marian Duggan – Executive Board Member

Pat Morris – Executive Board Member

Nandi O’Sullivan – Executive Board Member

Eimear Brophy – Executive Board Member

Eoin Gallagher – Executive Board Member

Sheila Lynch , Partner, Cashin Clancy Solicitors, elected President Ennis Chamber at this week’s Ennis Chamber AGMl – Photo: Arthur Ellis.
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