A quarter of Clare teens on Tinder

A quarter of Clare teens on Tinder


tinderTwenty four percent of Clare teenagers are signed up to Tinder, a dating mobile app.

The national average for teenagers using the 14% and Clare has the second highest amount of youngsters using the app in the country behind Sligo according to a survey undertaken by Studylix.

Luke Saunders co-founder of Studyclix told The Clare Herald that he was surprised by the amount of Clare teens using the dating app. “I was certainly surprised to see such high levels of Tinder usage in Clare with well over 2 in 10 students admitting to use the dating app. The minimum age to join the app is thirteen so I would always advise parents to be vigilant in how their teens use their smartphone”.

Snapchat has overtaken Facebook as the most used app among Irish school students, with 90% having a registered account, a 10% jump on last year. 88% use Facebook, with Instagram also very popular at 81%, up from 68% in 2015. Twitter use trails at 50%.

Role models of the younger generation include Conor McGregor, Bill Gates and Barack Obama for males while females are inspired by Emma Watson and Taylor Swift.

Studyclix.ie is Ireland’s largest study website, used by 57,031 registered secondary school student users and 23,000 registered secondary school teacher users. It’s second annual Student Attitudes Index explored a range of national topics and day to day issues experienced by secondary school students.