Foynes Airshow 0001 (1)More than 15,000 aviation enthusiasts gathered along the shores of the Shannon Estuary in West Limerick for the Foynes Air Show.

Now in its third year, the Foynes Air Show has become a hugely popular annual event in the Mid-West region. Its location on the shores of the Shannon Estuary is significant and it was home to Ireland’s first transatlantic air crossings, over eighty years ago.

This year’s event showcased vintage and modern aircraft, as well as unique and hand built planes. It featured seventeen different acts from the UK and Ireland with twenty six aircraft involved in the spectacle. The Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum hosted the aviation show once more.

Some of the aircraft that took part included a Stolp Starduster and a lovingly restored 1930’s Belgian Stampe as well as two Russian mini MIG biplanes. Ireland’s own unique aviation history was recognised with the ‘Iolar’, Aer Lingus’s first ever plane which will be flying alongside three vintage de Havilland Chipmunks in Irish Army Aer Corps colours, displaying their new smoke systems for the first time.

Lauren Richardson, the UK’s top female aerobatic pilot, ‘The Wildcats’ a dynamic duo from Norfolk and ex RAF pilot Richard Goodwin all made their first appearance at the Foynes Air Show this year.

Gallery of photos by FusionShooters.