Colleran Molloy calls for calmer traffic in Doora

Colleran Molloy calls for calmer traffic in Doora


Cllr Clare Colleran Molloy. Photo: © Pat Flynn 2016
Cllr Clare Colleran Molloy. Photo: © Pat Flynn 2016

A speed survey will be conducted in Doora to investigate whether or not traffic calming measures are required.

Cllr Clare Colleran Molloy has requested for traffic calming measures to be introduced just off exit 12 of the M18 at Doora. Speaking at December’s meeting of the Ennis Municipal District the Fianna Fáil councillor highlighted the need for action.

“In light of the substantially heavier traffic travelling from the motorway on the Doora exit that traffic calming measures be introduced in Doora from the Church to Lynch’s Cross, including the construction of the footpath long promised from the Shibeen Pub towards Lynch’s Cross to accommodate safe pedestrian level”.

Senior Executive Engineer, Eamon O’Dea in response stated that construction of footpaths along the route hadn’t been discussed. “The Municipal District Office recently completed drainage work at Doora that was funded from the D.O.T. Flooding Funding. The Municipal District Office nor the previous Roads Engineers are aware of any undertaking regarding the provision of footpaths in Doora.

“I am not aware of a funding stream for such work at present except the Discretionary Funding in the Road Grants. There is a 60kph speed limit from the cross roads to the mine junction and the Municipal District Office will carry out speed survey to determine if vehicles are reducing their speed through the cluster of houses” O’Dea added.

Colleran-Molloy was thankful for the response and expressed her surprise at there being no record of footpaths for the road. “Speeding is a serious ongoing concern” she said while referencing the increased use of the route. The 2016 General Election candidate is happy to see a speed survey being carried out.

Her party colleague Cllr Tom McNamara said “It is one of the busier roads we have in the vicinity”. He feels something needs to be done to get drivers to slow down and a footpath should be accordingly put in place. “We have to respect that there are people living there and they have to walk”.