International award for Ennis writer Jennifer

International award for Ennis writer Jennifer



Congratulations to Ennis writer Jennifer Hynes originally from Ennistymon, who won second place overall in the Phoenix Sister Cities International Competition for Writers with Disabilities 2018.

The competition which is run by Phoenix Sister Cities based in Phoenix Arizona, and attracts worldwide interest each year. This year’s theme was “Transformation Towards an Inclusive Society”.

Jennifer also came second in this competition in 2015.  Jennifer was this week presented with her award and cash prize by Cllr Mary Howard, Mary is a member of the Ennis Phoenix Twinning Board and co-ordinates the annual Disabled Artist and Writers Competitions.

Jennifer’s piece tells us of her daily struggles and how she just gets on with things even though she gets upset and frustrated by her disability and by the obstacles both physically and mentally that get in her way, said Cllr Howard.

Jennifer does her best to stay positive and upbeat while dealing with different health issues and family bereavements, she continues to be pragmatic and hopeful in her outlook. “I do not believe in letting deterioration to my health stop my involvement in my community. I have many friends who listen and understand me. And there is always someone worse off than yourself, it is important to be content in yourself “ said a very wise Jennifer.

2018 is a special year for Jennifer to get this award as Ennis and Phoenix celebrated 30 years of friendship earlier this year continued Mary Howard, plus also congratulations to Lisa Acheson who also got a special mention at this year’s awards ceremony.

“We all know about Ireland’s many talented writers and our rich writing tradition, so it is great to see Jennifer’s writing talent acknowledged on the world stage. Jennifer’s determination and good humour is a perfect example to all of us, on how in the face of adversity to get up and get on with life,” continued Cllr Howard.

On behalf of the Ennis Phoenix Twinning Board we wish to congratulate Jennifer and indeed Lisa for representing Ennis so well in the 2018 competition concluded Michael Byrne, Chairman of the Ennis Phoenix Twinning Board.

This year first place went to Valerie Pace of Catania in Italy.

Jennifer’s winning piece is called “Climb the tree and hit the ball, we do not fall”.

Society is there in many ways

We meet our challenges from day to day.

As we head on our way, od dear another footpath in our way.

No ramp nearby that we can see, oh dear, what is going to happen to me with my chair, as I head on my way with a place to be at three.

There is definitely a curse that I meet on my way.

A challenge we meet from day to day.

Oh dear me what can I say only deal with the curse along the way.

As I try to go on my merry way, a smile on my face, but deep inside I am hurt.

And annoyed and I don’t know what to say as I feel I have to fight to be heard.

I am tired of fighting from day to day but I know breaking down is not the way to carry on.

I just have to carry on and put a smile on my face and say that tomorrow will be better in some way.

And know that others are struggling with me along the road.. just like me.

You will make someone’s day by gentle words or by showing a bit of concern for your friends, as you know they are meeting the same challenges as you.

There are things we cannot do, but keep a happy smile on your face and go to the corner, and at home you can let go.

Life is busy and you carry on and make the best of every day.

You give a helping hand by the things you do and say and know that everyone is climbing the stairs like you every day and it doesn’t matter what we say or do as long as we can do the things we do.

We carry on in the world that we live in, live the life on the pathway that is chosen for us to follow in the things that we say and do.

Life is up to me and you, to make the best of everyday by the things we say and the things that we do!

Chief Reporter Pat Flynn has worked as a journalist for almost 30 years. His career began during the late 1980s when, like many aspiring radio presenters of the time, he worked for local pirate radio stations in Clare and Limerick. Pat joined Clare FM in 1990 where he worked as researcher initially and later presented several different programmes including the station's flagship current affairs programme. He was also the station's News Editor and Deputy Controller of Programmes. Despite leaving in 2003 to pursue a career as a freelance journalist, he continues to work with the station to this day. As well as being the Clare Herald’s Chief Reporter Pat is also freelance journalist and broadcaster, contributing to Ireland’s national newspapers and is a regular contributor to national broadcasters.