A Christmas poem by Michael Casey

A Christmas poem by Michael Casey


A Christmas poem by Michael Casey

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year,’

I guess they forgot to make this clear,

What about all the people with ailing health,

And all those not blessed with wealth?

What about the children Santa’s forgotten about,

All the nations going through hunger and drought,

I guess they forgot to mention those without a home

Or those forced to experience this holiday all alone.

What about those suffering with self-hate

Forced to watch the whole world celebrate,

Those who spent the year anxious and depressed

Or those poor souls abused and oppressed.

What about the people with loved ones who died

Or those with dark thoughts of suicide,

Do we tell them to put all their pain away

And save their tears for another day?

The truth is Christmas can be so happy and fun,

But remember it’s not the same for everyone.

So be grateful for what you have and where you are,

But please don’t expect others to cover up their scars.

This holiday season is often accompanied with worry and dread

When it takes all your energy just to get out of bed,

When you’re expected to join in all the love and Christmas cheer,

It’s like living a remix called ‘It’s the most difficult time of the year.’

All the Christmas movies and games we play

Quickly lose their magic when you’re not feeling okay,

When there are no presents under the non-existant tree

In a house devoid of love, hope and glee.

So if you’re disappointed you didn’t get a PS5 or the latest iPhone,

Spare a thought for everyone spending this Christmas alone,

Those who don’t have enough food to fill up their plate

Or those who do but can’t take a bite without feeling hate.

Those who come down the stairs to no gifts beautifully wrapped

And instead are insulted and scorned, or maliciously slapped.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but not everyone is glad,

Christmas has lost its real meaning, and that truly is sad.

So check up on your loved ones, make sure they’re feeling alright,

No one deserves to be going to bed sad and lonely on Christmas night.

Stop focusing on materialism, and be there for someone in need,

Because Christmas is not about taking, it’s about being a good person and doing a good deed.

Michael Casey