Eoin O’Hagan with Pat Breen.

Tourism is a major industry in Co Clare and promoting it is far from easy.

Eoin O’Hagan is a representative of East Clare on the Clare Tourism Group. He runs where he attempts to increase the profile of the area to people all over the globe.

Another venture of his which he previously informed The Clare Herald about was that of his ongoing attempts to get Pope Francis to visit Holy Island in the Banner County.

In his role as someone who tries to attract tourists to Co Clare, O’Hagan gives an insight into the demands.

“It’s a twenty four hour job, I spend a lot of time on social media and that means you can respond to situations as they arise, for example when I heard about the Pope I was able to react immediately and put a post up on Twitter nearly immediately inviting him, if that creates a conversation and attracts people to come because they look at the pictures and videos I put up then it’s not hard, it takes time to sit down at the computer or be on your phone twenty four hours a day but that’s all it is is time”, he told The Clare Herald.