Shannon actor is Hollywood bound

Emmet Ryan

Shannon native Emmet Ryan is slowly raising his profile as an Irish actor and is headed for Hollywood.

By Jamesy McConigley

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Ryan may not be a household name but he knows that it takes time to make his “lifetime dream”. He knows that he has a long road ahead to achieve his goal. “It’s going to be hard work and I plan on giving it my all”.

It all began for Emmet when he relocated to Dublin to study in Dublin Business College, “In third year I kind of got the interest to go in front of the camera and I pursued it after college then” stated the Sorrow Trigger artist.

Although acting is where he currently vacates, he still hold a passion for behind the lens, “I was really interested in and still am interested in directing but acting was the thing that stood out to me as I got further on into it.”

Having grown up in Shannon and studied at St Caimins Community School, the twenty eight year-old informed The Clare Herald that he is not the only person from the area in the acting business, “There is a lad named Paul Thompstone, he was in filmbase and only he casted me in a short film called Sorrow’s Trigger, through that then I realised he was living in Shannon as well.”

The airport town may not have the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but Emmet is readying himself for a trip state side where he will partake in an Los Angeles masterclass

“I’m looking forward to it, I was scouted by a woman named Marg Haynes who runs the talent section of the Australian Institute of Performing Arts and she runs a masterclass in L.A every year called IAM master class.

Ryan will be one of 24 students from around the global partaking in the IAM master class. Haynes production is an introduction into the acting industry. In the workshops, he will be lucky enough to work with professional acts and declared he’s excited for what lies ahead.

Having been casted in Darren Thornton’s ‘A Date for Mad Mary’, the Clare actor originally had other plans on his mind, “I went for an open audition, Louise Kylie was holding open auditions for the show Red Rock.”

Although he was unsuccessful in his pursuit for a role in the TV3 soap, Kylie’s eye was caught by the upcoming Shannon star. “I got a phone call asking if I would accept a part in Mad Mary because Louise was casting in Mad Mary. They pulled my tape from the Red Rock auditions and I got casted.”

With media evolving every day, The Bachelors of Art and Media student recognised thus and created an online profile named ‘Starnow’, from this Marg Haynes spotted his work.

As the year draws to a close, Emmet will be pleased with his indent in the performing world. Starring in such acts as Stacked, I Do Not Like Thee Dr Fell, Hello Au Revoir and Think About It.

With negative views on how much actors actually earn, Ryan feels that acting “is the only gig in town for him”.

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