Storm Lorenzo still pounding Clare coast

Storm Lorenzo still pounding Clare coast


Storm Lorenzo continues to pound the Clare coast this morning as Met Éireann extended its Yellow Status wind warning.

The county appears to be suffering more from the effects of the passing storm now than it did at the height of the overnight Orange Status warning.

Emergency services had a quiet night with no incidents reported however fire crews from Ennis have been dealing with incidents including fallen trees and telephone cables since early this morning.

Fire crews from Ennis cleared a tree and cables from a road near Fountain – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2019

Winds at Shannon Airport reached up to 80 kilometres an hour during the morning and while flight operations have not been affected, at least one flight was forced to abort a landing because of winds. The flight landed without incident on the second attempt.

Airport management are still advising passengers to check with their airlines to confirm their travel arrangements have not been affected.

Around 130 households in East Clare have been left without power while the rest of the county was relatively unaffected by outages.

While the Cliffs of Moher remained closed yesterday management have warned that, while they are open to visitors today, they are advising care as the county remains under a Yellow Status wind warning. Management at the cliffs have their own warning system which today, is also Yellow.

The scene at Lahinch this morning – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2019

In Lahinch, where some of the most iconic storm photographs have been captured in the past, most photographers and camera crews were left disappointed this time.

Extensive flood defences have been installed at Lahinch with hundreds of tonnes of rock armour now providing protection from crashing waves.

The existing sea wall had proven ineffective during extreme weather events with several properties suffering repeated damage. No damage has been reported however during the current storm.