Killaloe Coast Guard shout was false alarm

Killaloe Coast Guard shout was false alarm


Photo: Killaloe Coast Guard

Emergency services responded to an incident in Co Tipperary this afternoon which turned out to be a false alarm with good intent.

At 12:15pm Killaloe Coast Guard unit was tasked at assist in a search operation on Tountinna Co Tipperary.

Concerned members of the public who were out walking contacted Nenagh Garda station and reported hearing someone calling out and that they sounded to be in distress.

Land search teams along with the units ATV (all terrain vehicle), 4×4’s and Drone team responded to the area.  Visibility at the location was down to a few meters which made searches very difficult for the search teams.

Tipperary Search and Rescue were also tasked to assist in the search operation.

A short time after commencing our searches the Coast Guard personnel made contact with a maintenance crew working in the area of Tountinna. It was confirmed that this was who the walkers had heard and no-one was in distress. All units were stood down and returned to base .

A Coast Guard spokesperson praised all those who responded to the incident. “Well done to the members of the public who contacted An Garda Síochána and thankfully this was this was a false alarm with good intent.”