Call for participants for Beyond Borders Book Club

Are you from another country but living in Clare? Would you like to be part of Ireland’s friendliest book festival?

The Ennis Book Club Festival is looking for three people to take part in our Beyond Borders Book Club. All you have to do is nominate a book from your home country that you love and attend our Book Club events to talk about it.

The Beyond Borders Book Club events will be held at the Temple Gate Hotel in Ennis, on 18 January, 1 February and 15 February 2023 at 7:00 pm. Each event will feature one book, chosen by a Beyond Borders presenter (you). Poet Sarah Clancy will interview the presenter about their chosen book. The presenter will talk about why they chose the book, and the culture that it comes from.

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An audience will be invited to attend and participate in a discussion about the book. The chosen book will be available ahead of the event so that people can read it and join in the discussion. All three presenters will also attend a panel discussion about the books during our Festival on 3-5 March 2023. The panel discussion will be chaired by Sarah Clancy. Each presenter will be paid a fee for taking part.

The Ennis Book Club Festival prides itself on being a welcoming festival and it would like to extend that welcome to people from other countries and backgrounds who live in Clare.

County Clare has a diverse population. Over 9.5% of the people living here are from outside Ireland and many more hold dual nationality. This does not include the recent addition of Ukrainian citizens to the county.

The Beyond Borders Book Club is a way to acknowledge the diverse population in our County and to hear about some great books and cultures from people who also love talking about books.

If you would like to be a presenter for the Beyond Borders Book Club, please send the following information to:

Your Name:


Phone number:


Your country of origin or heritage:

Title of the book that you would like to present:

 Name of the author of your chosen book:

In 200 words or less, please tell us why you love this book?

In 100 words or less, please tell us about yourself?

Do you have any special requirements that we should know about if you are selected?


All nominated books must be currently available in English.

Ennis Book Club Festival cannot enter into correspondence with applicants who are not selected. By applying you agree that your name and information about the books can be shared our used in publicity material.

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