Ennis roads to be close for St Patrick’s Day parade

Clare County Council is advising the public to be aware of a number of road closures in Ennis to accommodate the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Road closures in Ennis will come into effect from 8:00 a.m. and will occur on a rolling basis and according to requirements. Roads will be re-opened as soon as possible following the parade.

Roads to be closed 

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Steele’s Terrace/Newbridge Road (from Kelly’s Corner roundabout to the Club Bridge)

New Road from its junction with Tulla Road to Newbridge Road

Dr. Daly Road from its junction with Lifford Road and New Road

College Road (local access only)

Mill Road in an easterly direction from the Maid of Erin Roundabout to its junction with Bindon Street

Harmony Row

Abbey Street

Francis Street from Francis Street Car Park to Abbey Street

O’Connell Square

O’Connell Street

Upper O’Connell Street

Bank Place

Bindon Street

Salthouse Lane

High Street

Old Friary Lane

Gardaí are also offering the following advice to anyone socialising over the weekend.

Be Safe Be Streetwise and make plans when going out socialising.

Plan your night out – how are you getting there and back?

Let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

Avoid walking alone and in dark places.

Never attempt to reason with drunk or aggressive people.

Streetwise – be aware of your surroundings and mind your valuables.

What other advice can you give?

Keep your phone, purse or wallet hidden when not in use – carry only as much cash or cards necessary for your day or night out – keep a separate amount of cash on your person in case your wallet or purse is stolen.

Avoid darkly lit places for walking or parking your car and keep your car locked at all times when travelling in places unknown to you. If you are using public transport or taxis sit where the driver can see you and avoid sitting in the empty carriage of a train. Check the times of the last train or bus home and always use a licensed taxi.

We are appealing to young males to “Use Your Brain Not Your Fists” and think of the consequences for yourself and others of being involved in assaults – you could lose your job, your ability to travel and even go to jail. We want to remind people of the potentially devastating physical and mental impact on victims of assaults.

Road safety

Never drive having consumed alcohol or drugs and never ever take a lift from a driver whom you know has consumed alcohol or drugs.  Remember, any amount of alcohol impairs your driving – so leave the car at home, arrange alternative transport, or stick to the soft drinks and understand that you could still be unfit to drive the morning after.

We are appealing to people to be responsible and protect themselves and their family and friends over this St. Patrick’s Bank Holiday.

If you are the victim of a crime or violence report it to the Gardaí immediately.

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