Clare jobs boost as WDC launches free online jobs portal

The Western Development Commission (WDC) has launched a new online jobs portal aimed at attracting professionals and their families to make new lives in Co. Clare and the West of Ireland.

- Advertisement - will help job seekers to find open roles across the region and assist employers in gauging the availability and depth of skills that they require.

With more and more people working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the WDC is encouraging people to make a permanent and viable move to the West where they can enjoy housing costs that are among the lowest in Ireland.

A tool specifically for the West of Ireland has never previously been available. Movers can avail of the many job options including remote working and hybrid options as full-time and part-time open across multiple sectors.

The new portal – which is free to use – will not only give job seekers the chance to land a dream job, it will also give employers information on the talent pool available to them in a particular county in the Western region.

Research carried out by the WDC in January found that 50 percent of large employers in the region were faced with a limited skills pool for open positions while 32.65 percent experience difficulty finding senior staff.

Hundreds of new jobs have been announced in the Western region in 2021 and there are currently open roles available across sectors such as ecommerce, MedTech, IT and engineering.

Companies currently hiring in the West of Ireland include Boston Scientific, Cora Systems, GSK, Aran Biomedical, Abbott, Aerogen, Harmac Medical, SITA Aero, Intel, SL Controls, Frankli and Beckman Coulter.

For job seekers, provides a one-stop-shop to give them all the information they require about opportunities in the West and the benefits of moving there. It will allow them to stay updated on relevant positions based on their skills and preferences and will enable them to connect with employers and agencies across the region.

The WDC says insights and real-time data from the site will also help officials in the future to make more informed planning and development decisions affecting the region.

Employers in the region will be able to create company profiles and promote job opportunities targeted at talent that they know is interested in working in the region.

The WDC recently launched a ‘More to Life’ campaign to showcase the excellent quality of life and career opportunities available to professionals who move to the region.

The benefits include lower property prices for renters and buyers, lower childcare costs, lower pupil-teacher ratios in primary schools and less commuting time – leading to a far greater work-life balance.

Western Development Commission CEO Tomás Ó Síocháin.

Commenting on the launch of the portal, Western Development Commission CEO Tomás Ó Síocháin, said: “ is unique in that it will allow people to signal an interest to move west. Research carried out by the WDC indicates that while many people have already moved west over the last year, a significant number are considering the move west, if the right opportunity presents itself.

“As well as senior roles that are currently open, will help to attract other employers looking for talent and allow those that move the opportunity to get their next move and, more importantly to build a career. The WDC is supporting the transition to remote work and remote working hubs toward balanced regional development, this will be the first step many will take in finding out that there is more to life on Ireland’s Atlantic Coast.”

Key Mid-West employers including Co. Clare-based global Beckman Coulter Diagnostics will be using the new portal.

Orlaith Lawler, Senior Director of Beckman Coulter, said: “We are delighted to feature the open roles that we have available here at Beckman Coulter on The portal will act as a one-stop shop to help attract the best talent to the West of Ireland. At Beckman Coulter, we have numerous opportunities for talented, ambitious people.”

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