New senior management appointment at Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter celebrated International Women’s Day with the announcement of several new appointments of women to its senior management team and a talk to its staff from former Cork GAA star Anna Geary.

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The four-time GAA All-Star who is now a performance coach and broadcaster, delivered a talk open to all staff on ‘Balance, resilience and Coping with Change’ and the idea of ‘Progress – not Perfection.

International Women’s Day (IWD) this year had a theme called ‘Choose to Challenge’ and as part of the day Beckman Coulter also published facts on the history of IWD and the history of women’s rights and how women’s rights have evolved over the years in Ireland.

Staff were also encouraged to ask children in their families about their understanding of women’s rights and equality with girls and boys between the age of 4-10 participating.

Beckman Coulter currently employs 500 people at its site in Tulla, east Clare and its workforce has an almost equal split of women and men. The company chose International Women’s Day to announce several new promotions of women within its senior management team.

Anna Geary delivered a talk to staff on ‘Balance, resilience and Coping with Change’

The new appointments include:

Denise Addie – Senior Director Strategy and PMO

“It’s an exciting and challenging position requiring me to work with our global leadership teams. Beckman Coulter are fantastic at celebrating IWD but what makes me proud is the diversity and inclusion journey we as an organisation have embarked on. It’s a significant part of our evolving culture.”

Karen Kelly – Director Human Resources (European Operations & Global L&D)

“My role as HR Director for EU Operations & Global Logistics & Distribution is an exciting and dynamic role at the company. As a female, I have seen great opportunity and career progression with the company and feel extremely fortunate to have joined such a progressive firm.”

Dolores Ryan – Senior Manager Danaher Business Systems Leader

“I’m proud to be part of a company who have taken the lead in driving diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace, by increasing representation and serving as change agents. Through my role as DBS Leader, I choose to Challenge the Status Quo every day! I believe that “You can’t be what you can’t see”.

Commenting, Orlaith Lawler, Site lead and Senior Director of Operations, said: “Diversity and Inclusion are really important for us here in Beckman Coulter. We see them as connected but not identical, and we need to work hard on both. Diversity is the representation in the group however, inclusion is ensuring that all the voices regardless of who they come are equally listened too.

“Without diversity and inclusion, we are not operating to our maximum potential individually or as a team. Our focus on D+I has intensified over the past few years and we are proud of where we have come from but have a lot more to do.”


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