Work to begin on new Tulla Road roundabout

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The construction of a long awaited new roundabout on the Tulla Road in Ennis is due to get underway this week.

It’s hoped that the 38m roundabout, at the entrances to Oakleigh Wood and Cappahard, will alleviate traffic issues and improve quality of life to residents in the area.

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Access to both estates lie just yards from each other and the junctions have seen several traffic accidents in recent years including one that involved an ambulance.

Clare County Council has confirmed: “The construction of a roundabout at the junction of the R352 Tulla Road with Oakleigh Wood and Cappahard will begin in the coming days. 

The roundabout will be 38 metres in diameter and will feature a circulating lane for cyclists. The construction project will include some realignment of Cappahard Road as well as drainage works, signing and lining. Two new zebra crossings also will be provided on the Tulla Road, one at each side of the roundabout, with uncontrolled crossings on the other two arms,” the authority confirmed.

The Council has said the completed roundabout will facilitate vehicular access in and out of Cappahard and Oakleigh Wood residential areas adjacent to the R352 Tulla Road. The project timeline is 11 weeks.

Traffic restrictions relating to both construction projects will be published later this week in the local media and on

Emergency services at the scene of one of several crashes that have occurred at the Cappahard junction - Photo: © Pat Flynn 2016
Emergency services at the scene of one of several crashes that have occurred at the Cappahard junction – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2016

Minister Pat Breen TD said: The Tulla Road is one of the busiest routes in Clare with 18,000 cars per day using this road. It has been a nightmare for residents of Oakleigh Wood and Cappahard especially trying to access this busy thoroughfare at peak times of the day.”

“I was happy to work with my colleague Cllr Johnny Flynn on this project, and while I understand there will be some inconvenience for motorist over the 11 week construction phase, I trust such inconvenience will pay off in the end,” he said.

“I am also pleased that Clare County Council is to begin work on Route 2 of the Ennis active Travel Town scheme, making the town easier to access for pedestrians and cyclists,” added the Fine Gael Minister.

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