Coast Guard assists grounded cruiser crew

Coast Guard assists grounded cruiser crew


Photo: © Pat Flynn 2019

The Killaloe unit of the Irish Coast Guard Unit was tasked to assist the crew of a cruise boat reported to have run aground on Lough Derg.

The alarm was raised shortly before 2pm on Friday when the crew of the cruiser made contact with the Irish Coast Guard using their VHF radio. The cruise boat was close to Twomilegate on the Clare shore of the lake when it got into difficulty.

Watch officers at the Coast Guard marine rescue sub centre on Valentia Island in Kerry maintained contact with the vessel while the local Coast Guard unit was alerted.

Soon after departing their base at the Pier Head the vessel the vessel located just off Twomilegate by the Coast Guard boat crew.

The vessel had ran aground on a sand bank however it did not sustain any damage. The two people on board were safe and well.

A tow line was set up and the vessel was towed into deep waters where it was able to continue its journey.