Cratloe GAA club confirms case of Covid-19

Cratloe GAA club confirms case of Covid-19



Cratloe GAA club has confirmed that a case of Covid-19 associated with the club has been confirmed.

In a statement this afternoon the club said: “A case of COVID19 has been identified which is associated with Cratloe GAA club.

Cratloe GAA is working with the HSE, all close contacts will be identified, contacted, given appropriate public health advice and offered testing. Close contacts will be asked to restrict their movements.”

“If you are not specifically identified as a close contact and you are well, you do not need to do anything further.

In line with national guidance you should watch out for any symptoms of COVID 19. If you develop symptoms, you should self-isolate and call your GP,” the club said.

The club also provided additional information with anyone concerned about the case.


Q. I have been in contact with someone who has been identified as a close contact. Do I need to do anything?

A. No, all close contacts will be tested, as well as restricting their movements. The reason we ask close contacts to restrict their movements is to prevent the spread of the virus. Close contacts will be tested, therefore if anyone else develops the virus they will be identified and their contacts will then be informed. You cannot transmit the virus just by being in contact with a case, not everyone who is in contact with a case will develop the virus, and you cannot transmit the virus unless you develop COVDI19. Some people with COVID19 will be asymptomatic, this is close contacts are tested.

Q. Do we need to close other club activities?

A. No, one case of COVID19 has been identified, they acted appropriately and restricted their movements once they became symptomatic. COVID19 is circulating in the community, cases will happen in all settings, the club have put in place measures, in accordance with guidance to prevent the spread.
Those who are close contacts will need to follow advice. All other activity within the club can continue and the club will continue to follow national advice to prevent the spread of COVID19.

Further information on COVID 19 is available at:

If you have any queries, please phone HSE Live at 1850 24 1850