Video: Spectacular drone footage of basking sharks off Clare

Video: Spectacular drone footage of basking sharks off Clare


Dr. Simon Berrow, co-founder and researcher with the IBSG, narrates their incredible and rare experience.

Drone footage of basking sharks captured off Clare

Dr. Simon Berrow narrates his experience with basking sharks recently off West Clare. The species is often seen feeding in this area in the spring – but the seasonal timing of this experience was not the only unusual component… Irish Basking Shark Project

Posted by The Clare Herald on Thursday, September 3, 2020

Spectacular and rare drone footage, shot by members of the Irish Basking Shark Group off Co Clare last month, shows basking sharks engaged in what is believed to be courtship behaviour.

The stunning footage shows as many as nine sharks circling the group’s boat while researchers from the Irish Basking Shark Group looked on in amazement.

The team had been at sea searching for whales for about six hours when they spotted a basking shark. Before they knew it, nine sharks were circling their boat.

Researchers launched a drone from their boat and captured this amazing footage.

The sharks are estimated to have been about 6 to 8 metres in length and while just nine were seen circling the boat, it’s believed others could have been below the surface.

The team observed the sharks on another outing from a 6m rigid inflatable boat (RIB) which allowed the perfect reference for getting an indication of the how large the sharks were.