New direct horse flight from Iceland to Ireland

New direct horse flight from Iceland to Ireland


Dísa Reynisdóttir

Four Icelandic Horses have been flown direct from Iceland to Ireland, two of them belonging to Hestakot, the Icelandic horse centre in Miltown Malbay.

The Clare local, Dísa Reynisdóttir, who runs the Hestakot Farm in West-Clare, was one of the organisers and has been preparing for months. Her other Icelandic horses were imported through Liege in Belgium, and then with a truck through France and UK before finally arriving to Ireland, after 4 days of travel.

She is delighted with this new option and believes it will open up the market for these friendly, smooth little horses even further in both UK and Ireland.

Dísa said: “Icelandic horses are popular around the world although very few call Ireland home so far. They are known for their special gaits, tölt and flying pace, but also for very friendly and gentle characters. The famous “Tölt” is a smooth, 4-beat lateral gait, so totally different from trot and the rider hardly bounces at all, as the horse carrying him, almost glides forward in a running gait.”

“The cargo airline, Bluebird Nordic, delivered the 4 Icelandic horses straight from Iceland into Dublin. The preparation for this import took few months, with great help from Thorunn the exporter with Fakaland Export.

It is extremely important that everything works out as once a horse has left Iceland, it can never return, due to strict diseace control. The trip was smooth and easy with a 2hr flight for the horses and delivered to their new owners with the very professional Cooper International Horse transport,” Dísa added.

Two of the happy new owners live in Meath, and also in Meath lives a couple who recently bought 2 Icelandic horses from Hestakot, the Icelandic horse farm in West-Clare. At Hestakot Dísa runs a small riding school and tourist place, so the new horses are welcomed by many, both current and previous students there.

Dísa usually travels to teach in various countries but finds herself more home than ever this past year, with more time to focus on her own horses and teaching at home.  With the current restrictions the lessons however are mainly with her own 2 sons, that are very excited with the new fourlegged members of the farm.