Airline CEO committed to Shannon-US services

Airline CEO committed to Shannon-US services


File Photo: © Pat Flynn 2016
File Photo: © Pat Flynn 2016

The CEO of Norwegian Airlines has reaffirmed the carrier’s commitment to operate flights from Shannon and Cork and the US.

Bjørn Kjos met with Ireland South MEP and member of the EU Transport Committee Deirdre Clune in Brussels this week to discuss the proposed transatlantic services.

Mr Kjos, a Norwegian aviator, lawyer, and business magnate as well founder and CEO of Norwegian Air, agreed to meet MEP Clune in the European Parliament as the approval process for Norwegians transatlantic license continues.

“I invited Mr Kjos to the European Parliament to discuss Norwegians flights from Shannon and Cork. He has told me that the process of granting a license will take time and that there is a procedure to be followed. Ultimately, he wants to begin flying from Cork to the US from August 1st and has also reaffirmed his committemnt to flying from Shannon to the US, but did not give me a specific  date on those flights,” Ms Clune said.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued an order proposing to grant a foreign air carrier permit to Norwegian Air International.

“If all goes according to plan, Norwegian will be free to operate transatlantic flights from both Shannon and Cork from the end of the Summer. This gives passengers more choice, more competition and more options for tourists, investors and business to drive growth into the South and South West of Ireland,” Ms Clune said.

In February, Shannon Airport confirmed: “We have a deal in place with Norwegian Airlines, having commenced discussions with them in 2014. This is dependent on licencing from the US authorities and we are supporting the airline in this through our network in the US and here in Ireland.

This is an important opportunity for us and we look forward to having this new carrier at Shannon and growing passenger numbers and services here as a result,” the spokesman said.