Ennis woman Katie in Miss Limerick Final

Ennis woman Katie in Miss Limerick Final


Ennis woman Katie Woods, who lost her foot after being struck by a train, has been selected as a finalist for the Miss Limerick final 2019.

The 22-years-old is currently modelling part time and working as an action panel member for the mid west spunout.ie panel.

Katie has however battled with her mental health and after months of suicidal thoughts, she stepped in front of a speeding train.

Katie said: “I’m a big advocate for mental health and I’ve blogged some of my own mental health journey over the years. Mental health is something I’ve struggled with since primary school. I was badly bullied in school and I attempted suicide believing the world would be a better place with out me.

Last year after an incredibly difficult few months I decided to apply for a modelling agency in Dublin. I got accepted and started preparing for my first photoshoot. As I did more shoots my confidence rose and for the first time in my life I believed that I was not what the Bullies had labelled me as. It was my fight back,” she added.

Katie kept modelling but last year suffered a relapse.

“That night I was on life support and my family didn’t know whether I’d make it through the night. I’d broken most of my bones and part of my foot. I had to have my foot fully amputated. I’d a broken spine and nobody knew if I’d ever walk again. I’d done severe damage to my face and mouth,” Katie said.

“When I woke up several weeks later and was made aware of my injuries I broke. I didn’t think I’d ever walk again. Model again. Even smile again.  But as time passed I regained strength. I was told the possibility of walking again was likely. So I worked every minute of every day to recover. I had to learn to walk again but this time with a prosethetic leg. I’ve seen the psychiatrists twice a week and I talked about what was on my mind. I spent four months in hospital.

I’ve been out of hospital three weeks and I’ve done two photoshoots and I modelled in a charity fashion show in Dublin. I struggle with my mental health and as an amputee I have a physical disability. But I also have dreams. I entered miss Limerick in the hope of showing others that they can do whatever the put their mind too no matter what the circumstances are,” Katie continued.

She added: “Just because you have a disability that does not mean that you can’t be included. Every one of us is a human being and we are all incredibly gifted in so many different ways. Inclusion is such an important aspect of this life and I hope I can show others that no matter what anyone says about you if you believe in yourself you have something.”

“The final will take place on the 18th of July and I hope to make those I love proud,” Katie concluded.