Fire crews deal with bog blaze in west Clare

Fire crews deal with bog blaze in west Clare


Fire crews from two stations responded to a fire in a bog where a windfarm is located in west Clare earlier today.

It was the second time this month that Clare County Fire and Rescue Service were requested to deal with a blaze in the same area.

In the previous incident, on April 1st, a fire spread quickly through forestry and bog in the area of Monmore and Tullabrack. Several commercial beehives and their resident bees were lost in that blaze while firefighters managed to save several other hives.

That blaze is understood to have resulted from a fire that had been intentionally set but which got out of control.

Within days of that incident, a national directive was issued requesting all landowners to cease and desist from carrying out any type of controlled burning during the current health emergency in an effort to ease pressure on fire authorities and control centres which have also been subjected to social distancing measures.

Clare Chief Fire Officer Adrian Kelly said at the time: “In light of the ongoing Covid-19 National Emergency and in the lead up to vegetation fire season, Clare County Fire & Rescue Service wishes to advise all landowners that controlled burning will no longer be accepted by the Fire Service.”

Mr. Kelly said controlled burning should not take place “under any circumstances, until further notice is given.”

“Should landowners ignore this notice and proceed to carry out any burning and a 999 emergency call is received relating to a fire on their property, then the Fire Service will be mobilised to attend and extinguish the fire in addition to this all the costs associated with the attendance of the Fire Service will be invoiced to the property owner,” stated Mr. Kelly.

Today’s fire was reported to the fire service shortly before 1.00pm by a local man who reported that a fire had begun on the roadside. Fire crews from Kilrush and Kilkee stations were dispatched to the scene and found that the fire had spread across a wide area.

Fire crews prevented the fire spreading to silage bales that were being stored nearby. Another man helped move the bales to safety for a neighbour.

Firefighters managed to gain control of the fire stopping it from spreading to nearby forestry.

Fire in West Clare – 01/04/20

A windy day for flying but captured fire crews from Kilrush and Kilkee tackling a fire that swept through forestry, bogland and a windfarm at Monmore/Tullabrack in West Clare.

Posted by Emergency Services – Clare, Ireland on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

*Video shows the extent of the April 1st fire in the same area.