Licence extension for Scariff Bay Community Radio

Licence extension for Scariff Bay Community Radio


Photo: Eoin O’Hagan

Scariff Bay Community Radio (SBCR), the East Clare based Community Radio Station, has been awarded a second One Hundred Day FM licence by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Starting this Sunday (28th June) SBCR will once again broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am on both 88.3FM and 92.7FM locally throughout East Co. Clare. The station will, as usual, continue to stream all shows Worldwide online via as well as on the Tune In Radio app on smart devices and phones.

Led by Chairman Jim Collins the roster of volunteer presenters on Scariff Bay Community Radio has continued to present shows during the current Covid-19 crisis. They have broadcast to the local communities in East Clare and our diaspora abroad utilising social distancing and remote working.

Hosting shows and interviewing guests using social media like WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook and Twitter to keep both themselves and their guests safe. There has been a constant supply of music, chat and entertainment from the presenters to inform, entertain and most importantly connect with the audience who have been locked down, cocooned as well as isolated.

This dedication, by Scariff Bay Community Radio, to their listeners has now been rewarded with the granting by The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland of this One Hundred Day licence.

For another fifty weekends Scariff Bay Community Radio will continue #ConnectingCommunities in Co. Clare and throughout the World.