Shannon Heritage staff protest at airport today

Shannon Heritage staff protest at airport today


Shannon Heritage workers will hold a public lunch time protest at Shannon Airport today.

The protest, organised by members of SIPTU, aims to highlight worker’s anger at what they say is the “unacceptable decision” by Shannon Group not to allow seasonal permanent staff return to work, and the threat to close Kings John’s Castle and Bunratty Castle in September.

Worker’s say that decision will “leave workers without pay, and a community denied access to their cultural heritage.”

Shannon Heritage has indicated that it will layoff of permanent workers from the end August despite discussions with SIPTU.

The protest will commence at the roundabout at Shannon Airport at 1.20pm while SIPTU is calling on anyone who cares about the areas cultural heritage in the local community and political representatives to take part.

Deputy Joe Carey addressed Shannon Heritage workers outside Bunratty recently

A spokesperson for the workers said: “It seems that the company wants to set the precedent that it can lay off workers at will. Seasonal workers have also been treated abysmally with scant regard given to their contractual minimum employment rights, they have not returned to work this year and have absolutely no assurance that the employer will agree to their return next year.

“These workers and their families would greatly appreciate support as they are resolute in their view that they should not be treated in this fashion, particularly by a semi-state company, and should not be facing unpaid lay-offs in circumstances where verified work remains available for them to do.”

The spokesperson added: “We are delighted with the cross party support from politicians and support from local businesses. There is outrage at the idea of closing these five heritage attractions that are vital to the economy of the local region. We, as staff, are very united and passionate and we will continue to seek a reversal of the decision by the Shannon Group”

Photo: © Pat Flynn 2020