Clare mother and son in RTÉ cookery show

Clare mother and son in RTÉ cookery show


A Clare mother and son are set to feature in RTÉ’s ‘Tastes Like Home’ with presenter Catherine Fulvio in an episode that will be broadcast on October 5th.

In the Clare/Barcelona episode it was mum Katie Maher from Ennis, Co. Clare who cooked Chicken Fricassee for her son Micheal now living in Barcelona, Spain. Micheal had played sport at a younger age and studied Nutrition & Biomedicine so eating well was always a focus for Katie when she cooked for her husband and 4 sons.

So inspired by the flavours and tastes of the Basque and Catalan regions in this episode Catherine teaches you to cook Pisto Con Huevos a Spanish version of ratatouille and a a number of Tapas dishes Garlic Prawns (Gambas), Patatas Bravas and Spicy Chorizo with Honey & Rioja.

Katie Maher, from Ennis said, “I love cooking family dinners; sharing this recipe with Catherine was great fun…being on camera was a little nerve wracking! Making connections through food is fantastic!”

In Barcelona Catherine visited with Micheal the eldest of the 4 brothers. Since he was 8 yrs Micheal has been a keen athlete and after graduating UCC, he moved to Germany to complete a Master’s Degree in Munich focused on disease in relation to nutrition on a molecular level, once completed he moved to Barcelona, Spain to live and work and it was here that Catherine spent time with Micheal.

Catherine went on a food tour around the Santa Caterina (Market), with Àlex D.Cardona, a Catalan native who was keen to promote local gastronomic tourism which fits to Catalonia’s food traditions. Alex offered plenty of insight on the country’s gastronomic and cultural heritage, from delicious foodstuffs to secretly guarded culinary traditions.

A trip to the ‘Alastruey Restaurant’, a traditional and simple restaurant, serving breakfast and lunch, mainly to locals gives Catherine the opportunity to taste very typical Catalan dishes. They take a trip on the Mountjuic Cable Car which leads them out of the city to a vantage point 173 metres above the port, to Montjuïc Castle which commands stunning views of the city below.  Micheal also showed Catherine around the Gothic Gothic Quarter which is the heart of the old city of Barcelona.

Son, Michael Maher in Barcelona said of his Tastes Like Home Experience, “Living in Barcelona has certainly broadened my palate with its many quirky restaurants and pop-up food markets. With Catherine I enjoyed discovering some new local delicacies, such as egg sausages and some (very) salted cod.”

The fifth series of Tastes Like Home is sponsored by Belling, Darren Quinn Belling Sales Manager said, ““At Belling, we appreciate the Spanish influence in this episode that resulted in so many fabulous Spanish creations. Our favourite has to be Catherine’s tapas style Garlic Prawns, Patatas Bravas and Spicy Chorizo!”