Parents bid to save Clooney school teaching post

Parents bid to save Clooney school teaching post


A Co Clare national school has launched a ‘serious enrolment drive’ in an effort to save one of its teaching posts from being axed last this year.

Clooney National School is at risk of losing one of its four teachers because of a drop in enrolments leaving the school short of the quota of pupils required to retain the post.

It’s expected that by September, the beginning of the 2020/21 school year, the school will have just 73 pupils attending when it needs at least 79 to retain the teaching position.

Now, the school’s parents have launched a campaign to save the teaching post by appealing to other parents who have children of primary school age to consider sending them to Clooney National School.

In a passionate appeal on Facebook, parents said: “We would love to invite families or even if it is one child that feels they need a break from the large class room in Ennis or surrounds.”

It is a small country school with all the wonderful amenities of a modern town school but with the much sought after personal touch with a really lovely community feeling – but just outside of town.”

Parent Kate Deegan, who issued a public appeal on Clare FM during the week said: “Clooney NS is 5-8 minute drive from the Tulla road/Cappahard/Roslevan. There are no traffic issues.”

She added: “I am from Ennis town and hands up – I never knew about Clooney school. At first when I was going there with my first child I thought this was so idyllic and perfect.

Mrs Gleeson takes juniors and seniors – this is what any mother would want to have your child go into this wonderful lady and teacher. Then 1st and 2nd they go to Mrs Walsh – again another lovely lady and it is so amazing with her creative side of arts and crafts and music.

Mr Talty then is – what the kids describe as the best teacher – as they are at that age where they really look up to their teacher and he just get the very best from them – in the class room and on the playing field. Mr Green, our 5th and 6th year teacher and principal, then takes them in and continues with what the other teachers have done and gets them ready for secondary school.

We are very fortunate also that Clooney has been a great feeder school for Tulla and also Ennis Secondary Schools,” Kate added.