Listen: Míchéal ‘Mick’ Ryan tribute on Clare FM

Listen: Míchéal ‘Mick’ Ryan tribute on Clare FM


Clare FM Radio will broadcast a major new documentary to celebrate the life of Lahinch native Míchéal ‘Mick’ Ryan who was posthumously awarded Humanitarian Of The Year in December 2020.

Mick dedicated his life to helping others through his work with the United Nations World Food Program.

During his life Mick helped the most vulnerable and most in need, during his career he travelled to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Liberia, and the world’s largest refugee camp in Myanmar.

On March 10th, 2019, Mick was travelling from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, when several minutes after take-off the Boeing 737 Max Aircraft crashed killing all on-board including Mick Ryan.

This documentary looks back at Mick’s life from his early years right up to the present and has been produced by Clare FM’s Programme Director Padraic Flaherty with the support of Mick’s family.

Upon hearing the documentary for the first time Mick’s wife Naoise said: “Padraic seamlessly weaves Mick’s story through conversations with people who knew Mick, to the point that I could believe Padraic met him and knew him too. He captures his character and the love and respect he earned by those who knew him and worked with him down through the years. This is a wonderful tribute to Mick, and we are truly honoured by all who contributed”

Taoiseach Micheál Martin and President Michael D Higgins also pay tribute on this documentary.

Producer Padraic Flaherty said: “Unsung Hero tells the life story of Mick Ryan, from his early years in Lahinch to studying in UCC and travelling all over the world to help people in need. Mick Ryan was a man that made a real difference to people’s lives and deserves to be called one of life’s unsung heroes. This documentary will bring a smile to your face, it will bring a tear to your eye but above all it will make you proud of Mick Ryan, proud of your County and proud to be Irish.”

Earlier this year Padraic Flaherty produced “Between Worlds, the life story of Mícheál Ó’ Súilleabháin”, which was recently nominated for an IMRO award and follows previous award-winning documentaries “The Rescue” & “Top of the World”.

“Unsung Hero Mick Ryan” broadcasts on Clare FM this Friday morning at 11am.

Clare FM’s Programme Director and award-winning producer Padraic Flaherty.