Howard wants fried eggs on the menu at Claureen

Howard wants fried eggs on the menu at Claureen


Cllr Mary Howard. Photo: © Pat Flynn 2016

Fine Gael Cllr Mary Howard is leading the call for the installation of mini roundabouts (fried eggs) at Claureen.

Speaking at a recent meeting of the Ennis Municipal District, Mary requested fried eggs used on the Clon Road and Tulla Road be considered for the busy intersection at Shanaway Road and Lahinch Road at Claureen.

“We want fried eggs that’s the bottom line”, Howard stated. Claureen residents are growing tired of the current traffic situation according to the Ennis councillor “it’s very frustrating for the residents up there”, she added that “they feel they are being left behind” as a roundabout is being put in place at Cappahard which is a newer housing estate.

Senior Executive Engineer with Clare County Council, Eamon O’Dea informed elected representatives that the road design section has visited the location along with the TII road safety engineer.

“It is intended that the Council will submit a proposal to the TII outlining road safety improvement works that can be carried out on this section of road with a cost benefit analysis. This work has not proceeded yet due to level of activity and resources in the Road Design Section, which includes the work on the Active Town Travel Project and the work at Cappahard Roundabout in Ennis”.

Cllr Paul Murphy supported the motion “wholeheartedly”. He admitted that he has often seen a tailback of up to twenty cars at the intersection. “A fried egg roundabout could be a solution”, Murphy said.

Fianna Fáil’s Pat Daly suggested that it be implemented on a trial basis at least. Daly outlined that the road is busy with people travelling to Hotel Woodstock. “You’ve a busy hotel and golf club and you’re putting your life in danger everytime you come up to a cross”, he added.

His party colleague Tom McNamara pointed to the big backlogs during the day as sufficient reasons for traffic lights or a roundabout to be put in place. He labelled it “one of the prime areas that should get priority”. McNamara added “it’s blind enough with cars coming around the rounabout they’re nearly on you before you get out”.

James Breen informed members of the district that it is two years since he requested that a traffic survey be completed around Shanaway. He asked “Did it ever take place and what was the result”, to which the Independent councillor did not receive a reply.

Cllr Johnny Flynn spoke of the “major tourist attraction and hotel under a new management team” in the area, “all had to pay development levies to the local authority”. The Fine Gael Cllr said people are “waiting twenty to twenty five years to see it” and “action needs to be brought urgently”.

Concluding the discussion, O’Dea gave an insight into the visit undertaken at the location. “When the inspector was down, we went in and out of every house, we can’t just go with the one position, has to be from point A and point B. We’ve a lot of work to do and we can’t get through it, we don’t have the capacity there”.

O’Dea outlined that is a high priority for him but works required will need TII funding. A detailed report must be submitted and the Senior Executive Engineer said that he intends to do that but could not commit to saying when.