Marquee By The Sea in Kilkee today

Marquee By The Sea in Kilkee today


Reverse launches its inaugural event “Marquee By The Sea” which takes place in a state of the Art Marquee on the grounds of Loop Nightclub in Kilkee, Co. Clare tonight (Friday).

Along with the breath taking view of the Atlantic Ocean, this year’s festival headliners will be Irish DJ duo Konmak X Marty, Welshy, Kyle Meehan and Reverse founder and full time Club DJ – DJ EC. Support acts on the night are Andy Eff, DJ KM, Dutch Courage, Jen Payne, Weird Cylinder, St Nic, Adam D and Cian Searles. This festival is promoted by DJs for DJs, with the intention of raising awareness and to build and develop the nightlife industry in Ireland.

The Team behind Reverse have been involved in the entertainments industry for many years in very different aspects. With each member specializing in their respected fields, they have fused together to create Reverse Events. A fresh and interactive take on events to offer something different and to ‘reverse’ the consumers perspective on the traditional ‘night out’. Based on this, they are confident of catering to everybody and not just a certain niche of club go-ers. What you will experience on the night has been planned and curated to the smallest minuscule of details so as to be sure to live up to their vision of going against the grain and offering an interactive and fun-filled night coupled with star-studded lineups.

They are very excited to implement their theme. The theme is based around the popular card game ‘UNO’ and whilst you won’t actually be playing ‘UNO’ on the night, It ties in to make the ticket purchasing interactive. With each ticket purchased, a randomly generated ‘Reverse Card’ will be sent along with the ticket. These cards are totally random to give each ticket holder a unique experience.

Each card holds a different meaning, For example in the popular game “UNO” if hit with a plus 4 card the next person to play would have to pick up 4 cards. This is a bad thing. If hit with a ‘Reverse’ Plus 4 this is a good thing, It means you can bring 4 of your friends, totally free, including a VIP Queue skip. If hit with a skip card in the game, The next person to play is skipped. If hit with a ‘Reverse’ Skip Card you get to skip the whole queue.

If hit with a card with no specific meaning, for example, a Blue 7, don’t fret. These cards will hold no meaning pre-event but throughout the night, via the multiple screens in the venues, random cards will be displayed on the screen with sirens to alert the lucky customer to an array of prizes they are about to win. Also, these cards can be paired with cards from future events to hold meaning. There are many random cards and details of all meanings and rewards can be found on The Fun Twist page on

Their debut event takes place on Friday, August 2nd in the seaside resort of Kilkee, Co. Clare. Kilkee is no stranger to large events and see’s thousands of holidaymakers make the journey year in, year out. Marquee By The Sea already boasts a vibrant live music scene and has hosted sell-out shows in recent years with The Riptide Movement and Hermitage Green headlining the stage in 2018. This Year, Kilkee will be treated to another fantastic weekend of live music with The Delorentos and The Blizzards gracing the Marquee By The Sea Stage on the 26-27 of July respectively, supported by Liam Geddes and Rofi James.

On Friday, August 2nd, Reverse are taking over The Loop Nightclub and The Marquee By The Sea collectively. They will be transforming the venues from what you expect them to be. With only the best in sound and lighting technology, they are aiming to offer an amazing visual experience, fully decorated and tailored to their unique concept.

In Addition, they are also taking over Myles Creek, in which they will be hosting the ‘Reverse Pre Party’, with 4 DJs from the line up playing B2B to get the party started. Photo opportunities with the DJs and line up with professional photographers and videographers on site will be offered. There will also be the 2019 Irish Makeup Awards Sfx Artist of the Year Belle Artists on site to do styled hair braiding and make-up artists for body and face painting to get you ready for the night ahead; They are specialists in Makeup and Nails with a passion for new, exciting and creative methods. Last year they launched their B.A.Braids with a rainbow of colours and they are excited to bring them to Reverse Events.

Doors open in this area at 6 PM and attendance for ticket holders is greatly recommended as it’s all part of the collective experience. Doors to The Marquee and Nightclub will be opened at 8 PM with 4 Headliners & 8 support acts set to grace the stages as the night unfolds. The Loop Nightclub will play host to half the lineup and The Marquee will play host to the other half. Both venues will be operating simultaneously and the ticket-holder is granted access to both areas at any stage of the night. Details of set times will be posted leading up to the event.

The Reverse Team are striving to offer something that has never been seen before with plenty of surprises and twists to be included on the night. A star-studded line up of some of Ireland’s most sought after acts and up and coming DJs coupled with our Interactive “UNO” Themed experience. A full venue transformation with only the best in sound and lighting technology will also be in full effect to really bring it all together.

A spokesperson for the organisers said: “Also we are very appreciative and inspired by the great work carried out by the Search & Rescue and we will have buckets and donation points available to customers on the night, as well as hoping to make a donation ourselves.”